Salva supports

In addition to offering a versatile and high-quality insurance service, Salva's principle is to contribute to the promotion of Estonian culture and sports life. Salva has supported a number of valuable and important initiatives and committed people:


Main supporter of the Estonian Concert

In 2012, Salva became the main supporter of Estonian Concert, in the framework of which Salva secured all the assets of Estonian Concert, starting with concert halls and ending with instruments. With the help of Salva, we want Estonian Concert to be able to freely commit to its main goal - to offer cultural lovers a high level and diverse selection of musical experiences. Read more about the Estonian Concert.


Supporter of combined events athlete Taavi Chernyavsky

In 2013, Salva became a supporter of the promising combined events athlete Taavi Chernyevsky to ensure good training opportunities for the athlete and to support his preparations and aspirations to reach the world-class level.

Promoter of volleyball

In 2006, Salva started cooperating with SK Duo in order to promote the Estonian volleyball. Salva supports the BIGBANK Tartu team (initially called Tartu Pere Leib) and also the Premium7 / Salva youth teams. In 2011, with the support from Salva, “Salva Võrguliiga” was launched. It introduces volleyball for the students in 1st -4th grades.