Vehicle insurance loss

What to do if your vehicle has been damaged?

  • Do your best to avoid further damages.
  • Vehicles involved in a traffic accident should not be moved until the circumstances of the accident have been established.
  • If people have been injured in the accident, call an ambulance and the police (short number 112). Try to establish the circumstances of the accident as precisely as possible and define the scene of the accident.

  • The emergency services (112) should also be notified on the following occasions:

    • theft, robbery, unauthorized use or vandalism;

    • fire

  • If you have hit a wild animal, inform the Environmental Inspectorate using the short number 1313.

  • Take photos on the scene (e.g. with a mobile phone):  wide shots showing how the collision took place and close-ups of vehicle damages. Registration plates of the vehicles involved should also be captured on photos.

  • Report the accident to the loss adjustment service Salva Kahjukäsitluse OÜ (or, outside office hours, to the roadside assistance service Salva Autoabi) for advice and help on further action. You can fill in the initial loss report here.

  • If your vehicle is up to 3 years old, you can turn directly to your car dealer. In case of glass damages, you can contact Salva’s cooperation partners:

  • Don’t use your vehicle after the loss event, unless you have checked and made sure that the vehicle is safe for use. Check for oil, fuel and coolant leaks, as well as whether brakes, lights, tyres, etc. are in working order.

Note: the more precisely the circumstances of the traffic accident have been established, the smoother and faster loss adjustment will be!

In case of questions, contact Salva Kahjukäsitluse OÜ.