Traffic accident in the Russian Federation

What to do if you have been involved in a traffic accident in the Russian Federation?

  • Vehicles involved in the accident should not be moved until the circumstances of the accident have been established.
  • Call the police, who will document and register the traffic accident. If people have been injured in the accident, call an ambulance as well. You should then follow instructions given by the police. It is important to keep calm while documenting the accident and establishing circumstances.
  • Take photos on the scene (e.g. with a mobile phone): wide shots showing how the collision took place and close-ups of vehicle damages. Registration plates of the vehicles involved and, if possible, the driving license and insurance policy of the other party (or parties) should also be captured on photos.
  • If you are the victim, contact the insurer of the person who caused the damage for further instructions as soon as possible: where to and when a claim should be made, to whom and when the damaged car should be presented for inspection, etc.
  • If you are leaving Russia with a damaged vehicle, you need to have a police certificate on the traffic accident with you.

Other important information:

Indemnification rules differ between the Green Card member states and the European Economic Area member states. Major differences in case of a traffic accident in Russia:

  • The sum insured is significantly lower than in Estonia. In Russia the sums insured are, on average, EUR 10,000 per person in case of personal injury and EUR 8,000 in case of property damage.
  • The insurance company of a person who has caused a traffic accident indemnifies damages up to the sum insured; the remaining part is to be borne by the person who caused the accident.
  • The victim has to claim damages exceeding the sum insured from the person who caused the damage.
  • Damages to vehicle are indemnified only on the basis of a Russian expert’s assessment. In order for you to be indemnified, an expert (information on approved experts can be obtained from the insurance company) must assess your vehicle’s reinstatement value, which is reduced by the vehicle’s depreciation. Therefore, vehicle reinstatement costs can exceed the amount of indemnity paid by the insurance company.
  • If damages are caused by a vehicle that has no insurance contract, they will be indemnified by the Russian Green Card office (Russian Union of Auto Insurers, Российский Союз Автостраховщиков).
  • If the vehicle that caused the damages remains unknown, the damages will not be indemnified.
  • If the traffic accident took place in Russia, the victim cannot claim damages in Estonia.