Traffic accident in another country

What to do if you have been involved in a traffic accident in another country?
(Applicable to traffic accidents in the European Union)
  • Vehicles involved in the accident should not be moved until the circumstances of the accident have been established.
  • If a traffic accident takes place in another country, the applicable rules are generally the same as in Estonia. It is important to keep calm while documenting the accident and establishing circumstances.

  • Call the police, who will document and register the traffic accident. If people have been injured in the accident, call an ambulance as well.

  • Take photos on the scene (e.g. with a mobile phone):  wide shots showing how the collision took place and close-ups of vehicle damages. Registration plates of the vehicles involved should also be captured on photos.

  • Try to establish and agree who is at fault and who is the victim.

  • Regardless of the police presence, fill in an ”Accident Statement” form. The forms used in the EU and the Green Card member states are similar to the one used in Estonia (you can check the meaning of fields from other language versions). If you don’t have the form with you, a diagram of the accident scene and details of the parties can also be noted down on plain paper. Check that the details of the other party (other parties) – name, driving license, car details, address, names of insurance companies and policy numbers – are correct. Note: Be sure to keep a copy of the form for yourself.

  • In case of disagreement, look for possible witnesses and write down or photograph their contact details.

  • Report the accident to the loss adjustment service Salva Kahjukäsitluse OÜ for advice and help on further action. You can fill in the initial loss report here.

Note: the more precisely the circumstances of the traffic accident have been established, the smoother and faster loss adjustment will be! Indemnity will be paid by the insurance company of the person at fault or its representative in Estonia.

Other important information

If a vehicle based and insured in the EU has caused an insured event in the territory of an EU or a Green Card member state and the insurer is known, the victim whose place of residence or seat is in Estonia has the right to claim damages from the insurer through the latter’s representative in Estonia.

A representative, who has received a claim, has to determine whether and to what extent the insurer is obligated to indemnify the damages, and to make a decision to grant or refuse indemnity. The decision has to be made as soon as all necessary information is available, but no later than within 3 months of receiving the claim.

In case of an insured event, the victim can claim damages from the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund (“the Fund”) if:

  • the insurer has no representative in Estonia;
  • within 3 calendar months from making a claim to the insurer or its representative in Estonia, the damages have not been indemnified, nor have reasons for a full of partial refusal to indemnify been specified.

Traffic accident caused in Estonia by a vehicle insured in another country.

If an insured event occurring in Estonia has been caused by a vehicle whose liability has been insured by a foreign insurance company, the damages will be indemnified by the Estonian representative (correspondent) of this insurance company.

If the foreign insurance company does not have a correspondent, damages will be indemnified by the Fund.

A list of correspondents and their contact details can be found on the website of the Fund.

In case of questions, contact Salva Kahjukäsitluse OÜ