Traffic accident

What to do if you have been involved in a traffic accident?

Vehicles involved in the accident should not be moved until the circumstances of the accident have been established.

If people have been injured in the accident, call an ambulance and the police (short number 112).

Take photos on the scene (e.g. with a mobile phone): wide shots showing how the collision took place and close-ups of vehicle damages. Registration plates of the vehicles involved should also be captured on photos.

Fill in an accident statement form "Teade liiklusõnnetusest" on the spot if the accident has resulted only in property damage and if the parties agree on the causes of the accident and on admission of liability (fault). If you don’t have the form with you, a diagram of the accident scene and details of the parties can also be noted down on plain paper.

If the parties to the traffic accident disagree on the causes of the accident or if people have been injured in the accident, call the police and request them to establish the circumstances of the accident.

In case of disagreement, look for possible witnesses and write down or photograph their contact details.

Report the accident to the loss adjustment service Salva Kahjukäsitluse OÜ (or, outside office hours, to the roadside assistance service Salva Autoabi for advice and help on further action. You can fill in the initial loss report here.

Note: the more precisely the circumstances of the traffic accident have been established, the smoother and faster loss adjustment will be!

Other important information:

Both the person at fault and the victim must immediately notify the insurance company of at least one of the parties about the accident. The parties to the traffic accident have an obligation to preserve the vehicle or any other object damaged in the accident in the post-accident state, as far as practicable, and to present it to the insurer.

The victim may also claim damages from his/her own insurance company if the following conditions are met:

  • The circumstances of the traffic accident are clear and there is no reason to doubt that the accident took place in the described manner and place (there is no disagreement about fault).
  • No-one has been injured in the accident (there is and will be no personal injury).
  • The expected amount of loss is less than EUR 10,000.
  • The vehicles involved are registered in the Estonian registry.
  • The traffic accident took place in the territory of Estonia.
  • The victim has contacted his/her insurance company within 30 calendar days from the accident.

Upon failure to meet any of the conditions, the victim has to directly contact the insurance company of the person at fault!

In case of questions, contact Salva Kahjukäsitluse OÜ.