Loss with regard to accident insurance

What to do if there was an accident with the insured person (damage, injury)?

  • Visit a doctor as soon as possible and follow the doctor’s orders.
  • Take all the documents in connection with treatment in the injury care station or in the hospital (ambulance card, patient’s card from the emergency medicine department, clinical record/diagnosis, etc.).
  • In case of a traffic accident or a crime (assault, robbery) immediately inform the Emergency Center (by calling 112) and act according to the instructions received.
  • Inform Salva Kindlustus about the accident within three business days. The initial loss notification can be filled in here. Salva Kindlustus will register the accident based on your initial loss notification and will give you exact instructions on how to apply for compensation.

If you have any questions, contact the loss adjustment department of Salva (onnetus@salva.ee; phone 6 800 500).