Conciliation procedure

The insurance conciliator resolves disputes arising from the insurance contract, its mediation or the preparation of the contract. The insurance conciliator is an impartial expert whose purpose is to help find a solution to a dispute.

The conciliator assesses the circumstances of the insurance dispute and submits his or her conciliation proposal on the basis of the conciliation negotiations. The insurance conciliator essentially acts as a professional adviser, proposing how he or she considers it most reasonable to resolve the dispute, while leaving the decision to the parties themselves.

In case of a successful conciliation, the parties, with the help of the insurance conciliator, find a solution to the dispute, which is formalised in a written agreement. If no agreement is reached, the party has the right to go to court. In this case the conciliation procedure is also useful, as the impartial conciliator's assessment of the dispute is known. Based on this, the client can assess the expediency of going to court.

Impartial insurance conciliators operate through an insurance conciliation body, about which more information can be found on Estonian Insurance Association's website.

If you have any questions, you can also get additional information from Salva's loss adjustment department.