Electronic device insurance

The insurance covers unforeseen damage to devices caused, among other things, by short circuits, falls, fires or contact with water.

You can insure mobile phones, smart watches, laptops, their accessories and much more, including household appliances and electric scooters.

This insurance product is offered by our partner Klick Eesti AS.

You can insure the following equipment that are sold by Klick Eesti AS:

- mobile phones and smart watches, as well as their accessories

- laptops and accessories

- desktop computers and accessories

- tablets and accessories

- household appliances (home theatres, TVs, etc.)

- electric scooters

- cameras

When buying a device, advise the seller that you also want to purchase insurance. The insurance premium is paid in a single instalment and is added to the invoice for the purchased item.

The insurance is valid for bringing and transporting the device around the world.

This is a full risk insurance, which covers any unexpected and unforeseen damage not excluded by the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Device Insurance. The terms and conditions can be found here (tingimuste link).

For example, the following is insured:

- damage caused by short circuits and voltage surges;

- damage caused by careless handling of the insured item (for example, a fall, accidentally spilled coffee, etc.);

- device malfunctions;

- damage caused by fire;

- damage caused by a natural disaster;

- vandalism;

- water damage.

Insured event shall not include the loss caused by the following:

- theft or robbery;

- a damage that existed prior to the commencement of insurance cover;

- a continuous use factor (e.g. wear, corrosion);

- deterioration due to lack of use or normal weather conditions;

- testing, non-intended use or unauthorized modification of insured item;

- loss of insured item (i.e. a situation where a person has lost the item or left it somewhere or the possession of insured item has been lost for reasons other than theft or robbery);

- aesthetic damage, such as scratch, discoloration, stains, tears and other damage that does not preclude the use of insured item.

The following loss shall not be compensated:

- expenses related to the maintenance of insured equipment and the parts of insured equipment that were replaced during the maintenance;

- loss for which the manufacturer or supplier is responsible;

- indirect expenses and loss, e.g. third party claims against policyholder, lost income, penalties (including contractual penalty, fine for delay, fine imposed by competent authorities), additional loss caused by the delay in restoration work and/or work necessary for loss mitigation.

In the event of damage, immediately contact Salva Kindlustuse AS or the seller. In the course of processing a claim, the device will be repaired, refurbished or replaced with an equivalent new device (if the same model is no longer sold, replaced with a device of the same functionality from the same manufacturer) within the limits purchase price of the device.

General terms and conditions and insurance claim:

General terms and conditions of electronic device insurance (PDF)

Information document (PDF)