Travel insurance

Travel insurance protects against unexpected expenses in case of accidents and other problems and ensures a carefree holiday or business travel.

It covers various expenses, such as the cost of medicinal products in case of an accident or illness and expenses related to returning home.

In addition, it is possible to choose an insurance coverage against several other unexpected and unpleasant problems, such as a trip cancellation, flight delays, loss of luggage or costs resulting from airline bankruptcy.

Be safe with COVID-19 travel insurance protection!
Salva reisikindlustus

Why Salva?

Wide choice of channels for purchasing insurance policy. You can purchase the policy in any sales facility across Estonia or through Salva online-shop.

Wide health insurance cover. Insurance covers the costs of ambulance, hospital, medical care, and the cost of medicines as well as repatriation costs for the sick person and accommodation and living costs of the person accompanying the sick person. In addition, costs caused by natural disasters, terrorism and riots are covered.

The coverage of COVID-19 disease in health insurance. Policy covers medical treatment costs (costs on diagnosis, medications, hospital treatment) related to COVID-19 disease (including mutations and variations of COVID-19) up to the amount of health insurance coverage specified in the contract (maximum up to 200 000 euros). In case the Insured is quarantined abroad extra accommodation and flight ticket costs are covered up to 2000 euros – providing  COVID-19 disease has been medically confirmed. Insurance cover also extends to existing contracts.

Health insurance up to 1,000,000 euros. Insurance cover selected for a health insurance policy can amount up to 1000 000 EUR. This is the limit of indemnification for the losses related to a sickness or an accident. The chosen sum insured is applicable to a single person insured. In case of a sickness or an accident, an insured person may seek treatment from the most suitable medical facility, including a private hospital.

Flexible travel interruption conditions. Salva compensates any additional costs arising from travel cancellation, travel interruption or missed transit flights. The travel is not required to start from Estonia and you can conclude the contract only for flight days. Travel cancellation cover becomes valid after 4 days following conclusion of the contract, and the exact start date of the insurance cover is stated in the policy.

The coverage of COVID-19 disease in travel interruption. We will refund the cost of the unused travel package if the insured person is diagnosed with COVID-19 after the travel cancellation insurance cover comes into effect in Estonia and therefore travel becomes contraindicated. The insured person must prove COVID-19 disease with a PCR test, the insurance company does not accept the result of a rapid test as evidence.

The first case of COVID-19 after the commencement of travel cancellation insurance in Estonia is an insured event, and we will cover the costs of trip cancellation.

To the people who have had COVID-19 infection, Salva Kindlustus offers insurance protection against trip cancellation due to COVID-19, if by the day of commencement of the trip at least 2 months have passed since recovery. If by the day of commencement of the trip less than 2 months have passed since recovery, the trip cancellation insurance is valid only if the result of the PCR test made before the conclusion of the policy was negative.

    Up to 30% discount on coronavirus testing. Any person holding Salva’s travel insurance certificate is eligible up to 30% discount on the regular price of two instances of testing for coronavirus (both express tests and the laboratory samples from the nasopharinx). The discount codes will be generated for the insurance certificate and testing at a discount price is available in Confido medical centres. More information here.

    Wide selection of additional risks. Depending on the destination and specialities of your travel, you can choose the insurance cover against the following risks:

    • protection against losses arising from strike, insolvency or bankruptcy of the carrier;
    • losses caused by natural disasters (e.g. earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, flood, etc.), terrorism and riots.

    Natural disasters and terrorism insurance cover can be added to both health- and travel interruption insurance. In case of terrorist attacks, insurance covers politically, religiously or ideologically motivated violent acts pursuant to limitations provided by the contract. Indemnity is payable if an insured event occurs in the insured person’s transit or destination point during the trip or within 48 hours before the beginning of the trip. Ask more information or look for the price in Internet.

    Luggage cover in case of lost items and damaged suitcase. If luggage is stolen, damaged or delayed, Salva compensates the related costs.

    Annual discount insurance. For those who travel frequently, Salva offers annual discount insurance with a usage time of 120 days. Health, travel interruption and luggage insurance amounts, as well as additional risks, can be selected as needed.

    No retention (deductible). In case of travel insurance losses, Salva does not apply the retention (deductible), except in case of liability insurance losses where the retention (deductible) specified on the policy is applied.

    Liability insurance for covering losses caused to third persons. If a liability insurance cover has been added to the travel insurance policy and the insured person causes losses to third persons during his/her travel (e.g. unintentional damage caused to hotel furniture, etc.), Salva indemnifies the losses within the amount of sum insured. Retention (deductible) for liability insurance is 100 EUR. See for terms and conditions here.

    Indemnification of losses caused due to rental car damage or theft. If an indemnification of rental car excess (deductible) has been added to the travel insurance policy, Salva covers the losses caused in a situation where a car rented during the travel is damaged by an accident or a natural disaster or is stolen. Indemnification for the excess (deductible) may amount up to 1,500 EUR.


    Where can I purchase a travel insurance policy?

    You have various options for concluding Salva’s travel insurance contract. You can purchase the insurance from Salva’s sales facilities, travel agencies, Internet. You can get 10% off the price, is you purchase the travel insurance through Internet.

    What is the cost of travel insurance?

    The cost depends on the destination and duration of travel, the sum insured and the selected additional risks. Insurance is more favourable for regular customers and groups. You can calculate the price in Salva online-shop, where you can conveniently insert your data on travel habits, destination and duration and select the level of covers. You can get 10% off the price, if you purchase the travel insurance through Internet.

    Which countries experience more accidents?

    Most of the cases concern digestion problems and they occur when travelling in warmer regions preferred by Estonians – Egypt, Turkey and Spain. Injuries occur mostly during ski holidays, usually in regions where medical care is very expensive – Austria, Italy and France.

    What should I do if I get sick during the travel?

    At first, you have to find the nearest and the most suitable medical institution. If you are not able to find it either because of language problems or other reasons, you should contact the Insurer’s representative in order to reach the nearest medical facility and get good advice also on other relevant issues. Your insurance policy provides the phone number of the medical coordinator and you can call this number when experiencing any problems, irrespective of your location.

    Are the costs incurred because of an accident indemnified later or does the Insurer make the payment directly to hospital/doctor?

    The easiest way is to pay the bills on the spot, if possible. After returning to Estonia you can submit a loss application and the Insurer compensates the paid amounts. If you are not able to pay the bills on the spot, you should contact the Insurer’s representative or the medical coordinator who will send a letter of guarantee to the doctor and you do not have to worry about the payment. See for details here.

    When should I purchase the insurance policy?

    If you only wish to conclude a health insurance contract, you can do it immediately before the commencement of travel, i.e. on the same day. However, trip cancellation insurance should be purchased as soon as possible. In that case the whole period until the commencement of travel is covered by insurance. If you wish to insure the whole travel package and add a protection e.g. against strike or natural disaster, you should purchase the insurance in 48 hours at the latest after making the payment for your travel package or plane tickets. See for details here.

    How long is the loss adjustment process?

    Loss adjustment process of travel insurance losses is quick and convenient and it is performed in 15 days as a maximum.

    What are the terms and conditions of health insurance for non-residents?

    Health insurance for non-residents is valid for the citizens of foreign countries in the territory of Estonia and it covers the costs of illness and accidents for up to 30,000 EUR.

    Whether should I select the travel insurance or the European Health Insurance Card?

    Public health insurance and voluntary health insurance are different – voluntary health insurance covers 100% of all costs related to an insured event, and it accepts also private hospitals in addition to public medical facilities. The European Health Insurance Card only covers selected costs and the indemnification procedure is cumbersome and time-consuming for the insured person. Consequently, we recommend purchasing also the voluntary health insurance cover that guarantees the full compensation of all cost and assists the insured person in solving any related problems. See for details about the European Health Insurance Card here.

    What is covered by liability insurance added to travel insurance?

    Liability insurance covers the losses caused by the insured person during the period of insurance to any third person within the territory specified by insurance contract. You can choose between to sums insured: 10,000 EUR and 30,000 EUR. Retention (deductible) for liability insurance is 100 EUR. See for terms and conditions here.


    For example: The insured person unintentionally causes damages to hotel fixtures breaking a floor lamp and a mirror. The hotel administration issues an invoice for the damaged items. If the insured person has purchased a liability insurance policy from Salva, the Insurer covers all costs exceeding the retention (deductible).

    What is travel insurance with the usage time of 120 days?

    Travel insurance with the usage time of 120 days is designed for those travelling several times a year (going on business trips or on holidays). The year policy is much cheaper than purchasing separate insurance for every trip and provides insurance coverage for the entire year. Based on your own requirements, you can select health, travel interruption and luggage insurance sums for the policy as well as indicate additional risks. During the yearly period travel interruption and luggage insurance sum will be updated after each insured event.