Traffic insurance

Motor TPL insurance is a mandatory insurance class that indemnifies the victim for the losses caused by the person who is responsible for the occurred traffic accident. The amount and nature of losses can vary from common minor „fender benders“ to damages caused to a person’s health.

Motor TPL insurance contract must be purchased for each vehicle entered into the Estonian Traffic Register.

Salva liikluskindlustus

Why Salva?

Quick and flexible conclusion of insurance policy. Motor TPL insurance policy can be purchased in any sales facility across Estonia or through Internet website. Insurance policy purchased through the Internet is sent to the specified e-post address in a few minutes.

Benefits. You can get 10% off the price, if you conclude the contract through e-channels. See for details in Salva online-shop.

Flexible insurance period. Insurance policy may be valid starting from 1 day up to 1 year, depending on the needs of the customer.

Salva Autoabi offers consulting services as well as helps to complete the formalities in case of an accident and provides procedural services. You just have to call to 684 4444.

Salva indemnifies the victims for losses caused by the clients of Salva:

  • In case of property loss, the Insurer repairs or replaces the victim’s vehicle and other damaged property, e.g. clothes, laptop, fence, etc. Losses are compensated in the amount of up to 1.2 million EUR per case.
  • In case of personal injury, Salva compensates to the victim the losses arising from temporary or permanent incapacity for work and also the costs of medical care. Losses are compensated in the amount of up to 5.6 million EUR per case. In case of death caused by accident, Salva compensates the funeral costs.

Tailor-made insurance policy:

  • An automatically renewable insurance policy is suitable for any person who uses his/her vehicle all year round. Renewal of the policy is a simple process, as Salva delivers the new policy document together with the invoice to the client well before the expiry of the previous policy, ensuring thus the uninterrupted insurance coverage.
  • An insurance contract that is not automatically renewable is a convenient option for any seasonal user of a vehicle, e.g. for those who use the vehicle only in summer. When the period of insurance ends, Salva does not send the new contract for the next period and the client has no need to take further actions.

Additional insurance protection for the driver causing the traffic accident. Mandatory motor TPL insurance provides no coverage for the losses incurred to the driver causing the traffic accident. Salva offers a possibility to purchase also an accident insurance cover together with the motor TPL insurance for the driver causing the traffic accident. In case of a loss event, Salva pays one-time lump sum permanent disability benefit or death benefit to the driver causing the traffic accident or to his/her relatives. See for details.


What is the Green Card and how could I receive one?

Green Card is a document that certifies the possession of a valid motor TPL insurance policy in abroad. You can ask for the Green Card from any representative office or sales facility of Salva or order the Card through the Salva’s homepage here. Salva can only issue the Green Card to a vehicle that has the motor TPL insurance policy purchased from Salva Kindlustus. Green Card is issued free of charge.

What is the cost of motor TPL insurance?

Insurance premium depends on the former insurance history of the vehicle’s owner, duration of insurance period, technical parameters of the vehicle, official residence of the vehicle’s owner according to the Population Register and other factors. Look for the price in Salva online-shop.

What is the phone number of Salva Autoabi and when can I make a call?

The phone number of Salva Autoabi (roadside assistance) is 684 4444 and you can make a call 24/7. This service is provided free of charge to any person who has purchased a motor TPL insurance policy from Salva. See for additional details about Salva Autoabi here.

How are the losses compensated?

Traffic damage may consist of personal injury and property damage. Personal injuries are compensated in the amount of up to 5,6 million EUR and property losses in the amount of up to 1,2 million EUR. Traffic accident has two parties – the victim and the person at fault. The insurance company of the person at fault compensates losses caused to the victim of traffic accident. Property losses incurred to the person at fault and the owner of the vehicle that caused the accident are not compensated. However, medical costs of the medical institution that treated the person at fault are compensated. See the terms and conditions here.

Does the insurance become invalid, if the invoice is not paid in case of an automatically renewed contract?

Failure to pay the invoice does not invalidate the policy. Insurance company has no right to unilaterally terminate the policy without the application of its client. If the invoice is not paid, the contract is still valid and the insurance company is required to compensate the losses to the potential victim. Policyholder must submit to Salva an application that leaves a written record, if s/he wants to terminate the policy.