Tractor or combine insurance now -25%

Spring is here and the fieldwork is waiting to be done! For this, Salva Insurance has a great offer:

All customers who sign a new Contractor's Plant And Machinery (CPM) insurance contract for a tractor or combine in the period 23.03-31.05 will receive a 25% discount and additional protection for the machine's interior windows free of charge!

The discounted insurance contract can be concluded for a machine up to 10 years old. The discount does not extend to the insurance of internal breakage of machinery and equipment. The expenses for replacement or repair of interior windows are reimbursed without a deductible.

Why prefer SALVA insurance when insuring a tractor or combine?

- The insurable value of a new machine is equal to its first sale price and remains unchanged for one year.

- Broad insurance cover, which also includes:

protection during the repair and maintenance period;

indemnification of rescue costs after the insured event;

protection of the insured object for transportation from the accident site, dismantling and assembly, and transport costs to the place of repair and back.

- The insurance indemnifies for unexpected external damage to machines and accessories during both operation and standstill.

- If a part of the machine is damaged as a result of an internal failure and it causes damage to other independent parts of the object of insurance, the damage shall also be indemnified. Other independent parts are those parts of the object of insurance which can be replaced or repaired independently of the part of the machine which caused the damage.

- In case of partial damage to the insured object, Salva does not take into account the depreciation from the repair calculation and the sum insured will not be reduced by the paid insurance indemnity during the insurance period (except for full destruction).

- The insurance contract can be concluded for a period of 5 years. Multi-annual contract guarantees long-term and uninterrupted security and a more favorable payment.

Salva's claims handling compensates for damages quickly and conveniently. We can also handle more complex claims without worries.

Check out company's machinery and equipment insurance terms. The policy can be concluded at points of sale all over Estonia, find a suitable representative office or ask for an offer online.

A wise farmer insures in Salva!