Multi-annual insurance policy

Salva Kindlustus provides its clients with a possibility to purchase an insurance policy with a period of insurance of up to 5 years for the following insurance products:

Advantages of a multi-annual insurance policy:

Longer insurance cover ensures a more favourable insurance premium. The longer period is chosen for the contract, the smaller is the monthly insurance premium for the policy.

Example: Insurance premium for a home insurance contract (in case of an apartment) for a period of 1 year is 9,80 EUR/month, but for a period of 5 years it is 8,90 EUR/month.

Multi-annual insurance policy is convenient for the client because the client doesn’t have to go through the renewal process each and every year.

Multi-annual insurance policy ensures a long-term and continuous insurance cover. If the client has purchased an insurance policy for 1 year, s/he might forget to renew the insurance contract.

It is easy to amend the multi-annual insurance policy. Should the client’s insurable interest change (e.g. the client wishes to add the liability insurance to the existing home insurance policy or to purchase insurance protection of his/her household property), the multi-annual insurance policy could be amended similarly to the one-year policy.

Salva keeps track of multi-annual insurance policies. At least once a year, the client is contacted by Salva’s sales representative who ascertains that the current policy continues to meet client’s needs; presents the client with the most recent product innovations; in case of an increase in construction prices, makes a proposal to the client to increase the sum insured of his/her home insurance policy.

Multi-annual insurance policy can be terminated prior to the end of the period of insurance, if necessary. Client should submit a written application for the termination to Salva and his/her insurance policy would be terminated as of the specified date in future (retroactive termination of insurance contract is not possible).

Multi-annual insurance policy can be purchased in any sales facility across Estonia and through Internet. Insurance policy purchased through Internet is despatched to the specified e-mail address in a few short moments.

Calculate your premium for a multi-annual insurance policy here.