Home insurance for members of an apartment association


- The policy can be signed for up to 5 years, an annual contract guarantees an even more favourable payment.

- The minimum deductible for Salva home insurance is 50 euros, in case of several loss events the deductible is not applied.

- Home and home property can be insured with both selected risks and total risk insurance. Optional risks are the risk of fire, pipeline leakage, flood, storm and theft.

- Heating, electricity, water and sewerage systems are insured together with the residential building, as well as construction materials purchased for repair or construction.

- Insurance allows you to choose a benefit that covers the costs of renting and moving out to temporary accommodation if the accident has made the home uninhabitable.

- Home property such as laptop, tablet, glasses, bicycle, stroller, etc. can be insured outside the home around the world.

- Compensation for household property is on an "old versus new" basis.

- The sum insured for home property is determined by the client himself, taking into account the value of his home property.

Home insurance for apartment association members can be concluded in Salva offices all over Estonia, read more about the insurance conditions.The offer is valid for apartment, home property and home liability insurance if they have not been insured in Salva during the last 3 months.

NB! Apartment insurance does not cover damages caused to third parties, therefore we recommend that you also get home liability insurance