Coronavirus testing -20% for Salva’s travel insurance certificate holders

Testing for coronavirus is now 20% cheaper for all Salva’s travel insurance certificate holders! 

Testing at a discount price is available in Confido medical centres, and the discount applies to booking a test online on; further information: 1330. Confido provides testing options in Tallinn and Tartu.

Testing is available on the basis of unique discount codes which will be displayed on the travel insurance certificates of all those insured by Salva.

The offer stands from 08.03 to 31.12.2021.

Confido sooduskood

Frequently asked questions

1) Which of the coronavirus tests does the discount apply to? The discount applies to all the tests for the insured holders of Salva’s insurance certificate when booked through Confido’s web page.

2) Where should I enter the discount code? To receive the discount code, you need to book the testing appointment on Confido’s web page. Entering the discount code is the last step of the booking process before the payment. You can ask for further information about coronavirus testing by calling Confido’s information line 1330.

3) What is the timeframe for using up the discount codes? All the discount codes can be used in the process of booking a test until the end of 2021 and are not connected to the expiry date of the insurance certificate. The purpose of being tested does not have to be associated with travelling; you can book a test regardless of its purpose. The discount codes may also be given to friends or family members. 

4) How many codes will I get if I conclude an insurance contract for the whole family? A unique discount code will be separately generated to every person stated on the travel insurance certificate.

5) How many times can I use one discount code? One insured can use one discount code two times, which means two testing appointments can be booked. After this, the discount code becomes invalid.

Conclude a travel insurance contract, using Salva’s online store. Contact your insurance manager or come to any of our service points in Estonia in person.