Apartment house insurance in May -30%

In most cases, new apartment owners have taken out home insurance, but the apartment owner should also consider insuring the association's property. In this way, you can be sure that in the event of possible damage, the former living environment can be restored without any problems. 

By concluding an apartment house building insurance with a 5-year period in Salva on May 03-31, 2021, you will get a 30% discount on the price!  Apply for a discounted policy in our e-shop: 

Buy a policy with a -30% discount

The offer is valid for both apartment house insurance and apartment house liability insurance. The length of the insurance contract under the campaign conditions is five years. Check out the benefits of a multi-year insurance policy here.

Why do you need apartment building insurance?

Apartment house insurance indemnifies the damages caused to the co-owners of the house residents and helps to quickly restore the normal living environment.

Is home insurance not enough?

Home insurance covers a specific apartment and its furnishings. However, each apartment owner also owns a certain percentage of the carcass, corridor, roof, and other facilities. Apartment house insurance covers parts of the building that are co-owned: from the external walls and roof to the electrical, heating, and security systems. This means that when a storm takes the roof off a house, it is a common property that is unfortunately not covered by home insurance, and in the absence of apartment building insurance, apartment owners have to pay for it out of pocket.

What is the benefit of apartment house liability insurance?

Just as driving a car can cause a car accident, managing an apartment association can also cause damage to someone else's property and health. It is in the event of such surprises that the apartment house liability insurance helps as it compensates the property damage caused to the building and the management of its territory by third parties, including damages caused to the members of the apartment association.

Buy a policy with a -30% discount

Read more about apartment house insurance or apartment house liability insurance, sign a contract in the Salva e-store, ask for advice from a customer manager or sales outlets all over Estonia.