Apartment building insurance with 0 deductible

In addition to insuring his premises, the apartment owner should also think about insuring the property of the housing cooperative. In this way, you can be sure that in the event of possible damage, the former living environment can be restored without any problems. The apartment building insurance indemnifies the damage caused to the co-ownership of the residents.

By concluding an apartment building insurance contract with a 5-year period in Salva Insurance, the deductible is less and less for each year without loss!

Why choose Salva apartment building insurance?

Insurance for all parts of the building's joint ownership. All parts of the building in the joint ownership that are necessary for the preservation of the building, ensuring safety or for common use are insured.

The apartment building insurance covers:

- ​fencing structures (incl. external walls, windows, roof);

- load-bearing structures (incl. foundation, load-bearing walls, partitions);

- interior finishing of public spaces (e.g. staircase, basement);

- doors and windows in public areas;

- public electricity, heating, gas, ventilation, water, sewerage, communication, fire protection, security systems and lifts permanently connected to the building (incl. technical systems located outside the building within the property);

- facilities serving the building: fence, barrier, gate, landfill, outdoor lighting, flagpole.

An apartment building can be insured against the following risks: fire, leakage of plumbing and equipment, storm, flood, burglary, robbery, vandalism, extended insurance, equipment failure. 

It is possible to choose additional insurance coverage:

- Equipment failure insurance helps to compensate for damage caused by equipment breakage or internal failures. This is especially recommended for new buildings whose technical systems also include equipment.

- Extended insurance covers many different types of losses that are not covered by optional risks. For example, this includes the cost of repairing a broken water pipe within a property or damage to technical systems due to overvoltage. Overvoltage can damage, for example, the electronic part of a phono system, elevator, boiler, ventilation unit or heating unit.

Additional protection options. The apartment building insurance does not cover damages caused to third parties, therefore we recommend that you also consider apartment building liability insurance. You can also choose construction insurance.

Apartment building insurance can be bought in the Salva webshop or in 0-euro deductible offices across Estonia. See here for more information and conditions.

In addition, we offer the opportunity for every resident of an apartment building insured in Salva to get home insurance 20% cheaper for an apartment in the same building.