Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance is designed for undertakings and operators who are active in specific areas and whose activities require concrete professional training, qualification and evaluation or regulation by a specific professional association or umbrella organisation.

Which professions can be insured in Salva Kindlustus?

Professional liability insurance can primarily be purchased for the protection of such areas where losses do not arise from direct actions (construction, hairdresser services, etc.) but from e.g. calculation errors, non-compliance with deadlines or other errors in respect of which the victim is not able and capable to avoid the incurred losses.

Salva’s professional liability insurance product range provides insurance cover for the following professional activities and areas:

  • law firms and legal aid offices;
  • architects and designers;
  • auditors and accountants;
  • trustees in bankruptcy.

 See for detailed terms and conditions here or ask more information here.


Does Salva provide insurance for notaries, sworn translators, bailiffs, medical professionals, warehouse keepers or land surveyors?

The list of professions insured by Salva does not include these occupations. Professional liability insurance can only be purchased for such areas and professionals as architects and designers, attorneys and lawyers, auditors and accountants and trustees in bankruptcy.

Does the professional liability insurance replace any other liability insurance product or can it be replaced by another insurance product?

Professional liability insurance does not replace any other liability-related cover among areas covered by Salva and it cannot be replaced by another insurance class.