Product liability

Product liability is designed for companies that offer services or products, or the activities of which may cause losses after the service, product or activity has been passed over to its clients. 

What is the product liability and who needs this cover? 

Product liability is a specific class of liability insurance that is necessary in situations where an error made in manufacturing process or activity reveals itself only after the product, service or activity has been passed over to consumer. Cover includes losses that incur in situations where the product used by the company causes damages to a third person.

Salva’s product liability covers the following products and services:

  • fuel dealers in case the substandard fuel sold by a dealer causes damages to vehicles;

See for detailed insurance terms and conditions and the scope of cover here.

  • car repair shops that need protection in situations where losses caused by repair works reveal themselves after the repaired car has been passed over to the client;
  • operators of catering facilities in case the food served causes damages to consumers;
  • wholesale and retail distributors whose activities or errors in a product’s safety or content manual may cause damages to the consumers of this product.