Home liability insurance

Home liability insurance is primarily designed for individuals whose normal actions cause losses in relation with the possession of his/her apartment, terraced house, house, semi-detached house or other dwelling.

Insurance covers e.g. water damage in the adjacent apartment caused by a tap that was left unclosed by apartment owner or medical expenses of a person who fell because the homeowner had left the sidewalk unmaintained.

Why Salva? 

  • Wide choice of communication channels. You can conclude the contract in any sales facility across Estonia, just choose the nearest representative office.
  • Deductible from 50 EUR, but it can also be 0 EUR depending on the situation.
  • Simple safety requirements. Prescribed safety requirements are actual, comprehensible and easily implemented.
  • You do not have to be an owner in order to be able to purchase this insurance. A person who is not an owner but has similar risks as the owner can also buy insurance. Insurance can be bought by a tenant, but also by any interested person, e.g. the actual user of the dwelling. See for detailed terms and conditions here