Home liability insurance

Home liability insurance is primarily designed for individuals whose normal actions cause losses in relation with the possession of his/her apartment, terraced house, house, semi-detached house or other dwelling.

Insurance covers e.g. water damage in the adjacent apartment caused by a tap that was left unclosed by apartment owner or medical expenses of a person who fell because the homeowner had left the sidewalk unmaintained.

Kodu vastutuskindlustus on suunatud peamiselt eraisikule.

Why Salva? 

Wide choice of communication channels. You can conclude the contract in any sales facility across Estonia, just choose the nearest representative office.

Deductible from 50 EUR, but it can also be 0 EUR depending on the situation.

Simple safety requirements. Prescribed safety requirements are actual, comprehensible and easily implemented.

You do not have to be an owner in order to be able to purchase this insurance. A person who is not an owner but has similar risks as the owner can also buy insurance. Insurance can be bought by a tenant, but also by any interested person, e.g. the actual user of the dwelling. See for detailed terms and conditions here


Is the home liability insurance necessary also in case of a ground floor apartment?

Yes. While in case of an apartment house it is assumed that the foundation consists only of an undecorated basement, a ruptured pipeline may cause water damage to the property held in the basement – e.g. unused furniture, bassinets, car safety seats, sports equipment, etc. In case of fire, the smoke may cause both heat and grime damage to upstairs apartments and the co-owned building envelope. 

Is the home liability insurance only meant for apartment owners?

Home liability insurance assists also individuals who are not owners but have similar risks as owners. E.g. a tenant may leave the iron on; children who are home alone may play with matches or cause damage to pipeline. Fire in the furnace may present similar risks to both the owner and the tenant and a washing machine installed by a tenant may flood the downstairs apartment. Home liability insurance does not protect the tenant against the apartment owner or the apartment owner against the tenant; however, there are various situations where home liability insurance is as necessary for the tenant as it is for the owner. It is totally acceptable and recommended that the tenant covers his/her liability in order to protect him/herself against potential recoveries, and that the owner takes care of his/her own risks.

Which losses are compensated by home liability insurance?

Home liability insurance compensates the part of personal injury or property loss, for which the insured person is liable to the injured party. Insurer is entitled to subtract the deductible that is established during the conclusion of liability insurance contract. When the claim of the injured party is unjustified or the injured party claims for more than provided by law, the insurer provides assistance in objecting the claim, by covering the additional expenses related to the dispute.

Does the home liability insurance replace the home insurance?

Home insurance is designed for the protection of own property, and it gives the possibility to request the reparation of apartment or the compensation of damaged property in case of loss event. 
Home liability insurance protects the policyholder in situations where loss occurs at the address stated on insurance policy, but damage is caused to the property or a person located outside the specified address. We recommend the conclusion of both the home liability insurance and the home insurance, in order to mitigate the risks related to your own dwelling. Ask for additional information from Salva regarding the risks arising from the lack of insurance cover.