Liability insurance

Liability insurance covers personal injuries and property losses caused to others by a person’s property, acts or omissions.

Areas and activities, the consequences of which can be insured in Salva: 
Liability arising from professional errors can be covered by professional liability insurance;
General third party liability is designed for undertakings and operators, the activities of which are addressed to the consumers of products or services;
Manufacturing and distribution companies, including companies that need protection in relation with transferred services, can be covered by product liability insurance;
Liability related to the possession of commercial buildings can be covered by legitimate possessor’s liability insurance;
Employer’s liability insurance is designed for operators who are interested in protecting themselves against personal injury or property loss claims of employees;
Companies acting as professional carriers or operating professional shipments can cover themselves with carrier’s/forwarder’s liability insurance;
An individual who is in possession of a dwelling where losses can spread to neighbours can protect him/herself with home liability insurance;
Apartment associations, building societies and possessors of larger apartment buildings can cover themselves with apartment house liability insurance in order to be protected against situations where losses occur to third persons or the occupants of the apartment house.