Corporate property insurance

Property insurance compensates losses that result from destruction or damaging of corporate property, and it helps to quickly restore the normal organization of work.

Insurance cover can be purchased against both specific selected risks such as fire or theft, but it is also possible to purchase an extended insurance cover that encompasses several risks.

Why Salva?

  • Wide choice of channels for purchasing insurance cover. You can purchase the policy in any sales facility across Estonia, just choose the suitable representative office or ask for the offer through Internet.
  • Insurance cover is tailor-made. Based on the field of activities and needs of the company, you can choose between insurance covers that differ in terms of scope and objectives. See the additional information here.
    • Insurance of selected risks. You can choose between various risks such as fire, pipe leak, storm, flood or theft.
    • Extended insurance cover. Extended insurance cover provides an additional insurance protection, subject to any contractual restrictions, against several different unexpected events that are related to the company’s every-day activities, such as failure of production equipment or goods for sale. An extended insurance cover can be added to the insurance of selected risks.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance. Insurance covers the loss caused by a sudden and unforeseeable failure or malfunction of a part of equipment. Similarly to the extended insurance cover, the equipment breakdown insurance can be added to the insurance of selected risks.

For example: an equipment of an agricultural undertaking broke up and a component of this equipment fell into the flour. The goods had to be destroyed, as it was not possible to find this component. The company had purchased the extended insurance cover for its goods and Salva compensated the incurred losses.

  • Quick loss adjustment and professional support. Experienced consultants of Salva and swift loss adjustment process are the guarantees that the company can quickly resume its normal activities in case of accidents. Salva’s sales representative assists the company in choosing the most suitable insurance solution.