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Contractor's Plant And Machinery (CPM) insurance

Insurance compensates the losses arising from accidents with non-road mobile machinery, trailers or supplementary equipment, and ensures that the company can quickly continue its normal activities in case of unexpected events.

The existence of insurance protects the company against unforeseeable and costly expenses. Insurance cover can be purchased for all widely used machines and supplementary equipment, including cranes, hoists, agricultural and road maintenance machinery, etc.

Why Salva?

  • Wide choice of channels for purchasing insurance cover. You can purchase the policy in any sales facility across Estonia, just choose the suitable representative office or ask for the offer through Internet.
  • Quick loss adjustment and professional support. Experienced consultants of Salva and swift loss adjustment process are the guarantees that the company can quickly resume its normal activities in case of accidents. Salva’s sales representative assists the company in choosing the most suitable insurance solution.
  • Salva’s CPM insurance provides a wide protection in terms of territory, in addition to Estonia, the protection can also be provided within the European Union’s territory.
  • Insurance can be purchased for various machinery and supplementary equipment, for example: cranes and hoists, road building and maintenance machinery, land reclamation and agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, loaders, pumps, etc.

For example: a combine harvester collided with a hidden stone in the crop. Salva compensated the loss caused to the combine harvester within the amount of 7,000 EUR.

  • Contractor's Plant And Machinery (CPM) insurance is as All Risk insurance. It covers all unexpected and unpredictable losses that have not been excluded by the terms and conditions, including: fire, lightning, explosion, collision, overturning, flood, storm, vandalism, theft, robbery, negligence (man-made mistake). See for exclusions here.
  • Wide insurance cover that also includes the following:
    • Compensation of post-event salvage costs;
    • Protection during the repair and maintenance period;
    • Protection during the transport of machinery (including the loading of machinery);
    • Protection for removal of the insured object from the accident site, dismantling and assembly; indemnification of transport costs to and from the place of repair works.
  • Insurance indemnifies for unexpected external losses caused by machinery or supplementary equipment when working, moving or stationary.
  • Optional daily allowance for the disruption of use, to be paid for the days when the insured vehicle is being repaired or is unusable due to the accident.
  • Machinery and equipment can also be insured against internal breakage. Internal breakage includes the electrical fault and any unforeseen and unexpected failure of the insured object under normal operation conditions and without any external factors (such as breakage of transmission gears).
  • Cabin windows of equipment of machinery can be insured with no retention/deductible.