Construction insurance

Construction insurance provides protection against construction-related risks as well as ensures the continued performance of construction as planned in case of sudden events and protects against unforeseeable expenses. Insurance compensates any construction-related losses and also injuries of third persons or property damages caused during construction works.

Insurance cover can be purchased for construction site machinery and equipment, buildings on nearby plots, etc.

Why Salva?

  • Wide choice of channels for purchasing insurance cover. You can purchase the policy in any sales facility across Estonia, just choose the suitable representative office or ask for the offer through Internet.
  • Construction insurance is All Risks insurance and provides protection, subject to any contractual restrictions, against various unexpected and unpredictable losses. Insurance provides protection against e.g. fire and water damage caused by construction works and the collapse of unsupported wall or unsecured roof due to strong wind. See for terms and conditions here.
  • Construction All Risks insurance provides also liability cover that helps to compensate any losses caused to third persons during construction works.

For example: scaffolding installed for façade works collapsed and damaged the vehicles parked in front of the house. Salva helped the construction company to compensate the losses caused to vehicle owners.

  • Quick loss adjustment and professional support. Loss adjustment is performed quickly and it ensures the continued performance of construction as planned.