Insuring of corporate property

There are various ways for insuring the property of a company:

General corporate property insurance compensates losses that result from destruction or damaging of corporate property, and it helps to quickly restore the normal organization of work.

Contractor's Plant And Machinery (CPM) insurance compensates the losses arising from accidents with non-road mobile machinery, trailers or supplementary equipment, and ensures that the company can quickly continue its normal activities in case of unexpected events.

Small electronic insurance provides worldwide protection against losses occurring during the use or transport of electronic equipment. Insurance compensates unexpected losses caused to equipment and these losses may arise from electrical short-circuit, dropping, theft, fire or water.

Construction insurance provides protection against construction-related risks as well as ensures the continued performance of construction as planned in case of sudden events and protects against unforeseeable expenses. Insurance compensates any construction-related losses and also injuries of third persons or property damages caused during construction works.