Small electronic insurance

Small electronic insurance provides worldwide protection against losses occurring during the use or transport of electronic equipment. Insurance compensates unexpected losses caused to equipment and these losses may arise from electrical short-circuit, dropping, theft, fire or water.

Insurance can be purchased for laptops and their accessories as well as for cameras, video cameras, etc.

Small electronic appliances insurance is valid worldwide.
Väikeelektroonika kindlustus pakub kaitset elektrooniliste seadmete kasutamisel.

Why Salva?

Wide choice of channels for purchasing insurance cover. You can purchase the policy in any sales facility across Estonia, just choose the suitable representative office or ask for the offer through Internet.

Worldwide protection. Insurance compensates the losses related to small electronics despite the location of loss event, and quick loss adjustment helps to cover the unexpended expenditures.

Insurance can be purchased for all widely used small electronic devices: laptops and their accessories, desktop computers and tablets, cameras and video cameras, etc.

Wide insurance cover. Insurance compensates all sudden and unexpected losses that may be caused by e.g. electrical short-circuit, fluctuations in electric current, failure of equipment, fire or natural disaster. In addition, cover encompasses the losses caused by imprudent use of insured equipment, e.g. dropping or water damage. It covers also the theft of a device. See the terms and conditions here.

For example: a cup next to the laptop on the office table fell over and coffee was spilt all over the laptop and its headphones, mouse and memory stick card. Salva compensated the repair cost of the laptop and replaced the accessories with new ones.


Can insurance be also purchased against single risks, e.g. contusion?

Small electronic insurance is considered to be All Risks insurance – it covers all sudden and unexpected losses, including losses caused by imprudent use of equipment. It cannot be separately purchased against single risks.

Which events are covered by insurance?

These events can include e.g. damages caused to electronics by voltage spikes or drops as well as losses caused by user negligence, such as dropping, water damage, etc. See for details here.

Does insurance provide cover against losses caused by incompetence or negligence?

Insured event shall not include losses caused by e.g. improper use or testing of insured equipment or the loss of equipment. In addition, insurance does not cover losses that have no influence on the operating reliability or the use of equipment (e.g. scratches, stains, etc.). However, insurance covers losses caused by dropping, theft, water damage, etc. See for details here.

How is the insurable value of a device calculated?

Insurable value of a new device is equal to its first-hand selling price and this value shall be stable for a year, which means that the value of a device that is over 1 year old is its normal price, i.e. its market price.

What actions should be taken in case of loss and how is the loss indemnified?

Salva must be immediately notified of the loss. You can complete the initial loss notification here. Loss adjustment process includes the reparation of the device or the replacement of the device by an equal new device (by a device of the same manufacturer that performs the same function, if the same model is out of sale) up to its acquisition cost.