Insurance of iPhone and Apple Watch

The cooperation partners of Salva Insurance that are selling insurance for Apple equipment are iDeal and Valge Klaar.

This is comprehensive risk insurance that covers all unexpected and unforeseeable damages that are not excluded under the terms of the Apple device insurance policy.

The insurance applies to the movement and transportation of the device worldwide.

For example, the following are included:

  • damage caused by negligent handling of the object of insurance (for example, falling down, accidentally pouring coffee on the device from a coffee cup);
  • water damage;
  • device malfunctions (other than those covered by warranty);
  • natural disasters;
  • fire;
  • damage caused by short circuit, excess voltage and low voltage;

The following are not included and shall not be considered to be an insured event:

  • theft;
  • losing (losing is a situation where a person has lost an insured object, forgotten it somewhere or the possession of the insured object has been lost for any reason other than theft or robbery);
  • damage that existed before the insurance cover began;
  • continuously impacting operational factor (e.g., wear, corrosion);
  • deterioration due to non-use or normal weather conditions;
  • testing, use for other than the intended purpose or unauthorized modification of the insured object;
  • aesthetic damage, such as scratches, discoloration, stains, tears, and the like that do not prevent the use of the insured object are not deemed to be insured events.

The following is not subject to compensation:

  • the costs related to the technical maintenance of the insured device and the parts of the insured object replaced during the maintenance;
  • damage for which the manufacturer or supplier of the insured object is liable;
  • indirect costs and losses, consequential damages such as third-party claims against the policyholder, loss of earnings, fines (including a contractual penalty, interest for late payment, fine imposed by the competent authority), additional damage due to delays in recovery work and/or work to limit the damage.
The deductible is 50 euros.

Insurance value:

The insurance value of a new device equals its first sale price and remains unchanged for 5 months. From 6 months to 12 months, the insurance value falls by 3 percentage points per month. From the 13th month until the end of the insurance period, the insurance value will fall by 4 percentage points per month. Age calculation is done in full months (For example, the insurance value of a 5-month and 2-day old phone is 97% of the purchase price). In case of partial damage of the phone, depreciation of spare parts is not considered.

Example 1:  A 4-month-old phone drops into the water, and its repair is no longer possible. The insurance indemnifies the replacement of the device minus the deductible of 50 EUR.

Example 2: A 13-month-old phone falls on the ground, and the screen breaks. The screen can be replaced. The insurance will compensate for the replacement of the screen minus the deductible of 50 EUR.

Number of insured events:

Up to two insurance events are indemnified during the insurance period. After the second insured event, the insurance contract ends.

In case of damage, you should immediately contact Salva Kindlustuse AS or the shop of the seller of the device. In the course of handling claims, the repair or replacement of the device takes place up to the insurance value.

Standard terms and damage statement:

General terms and conditions of insurance by Salva Kindlustuse AS

Insurance terms and conditions of Salva Kindlustuse AS for Apple equipment

Special insurance terms for Apple devices on the insurance of iPhone and Apple Watch (in Estonian)

Fact sheet:

Apple device insurance fact sheet

Tabel of insurance value:

Age of the device Insurable value Age of the device Insurable value
1 month 100% of the purchase price 13 months 75% of the purchase price
2 months 100% of the purchase price 14 months 71% of the purchase price
months 100% of the purchase price 15 months 67% of the purchase price
months 100% of the purchase price 16 months 63% of the purchase price
months 100% of the purchase price 17 months 59% of the purchase price
months 97% of the purchase price 18 months 55% of the purchase price
months 94% of the purchase price 19 months 51% of the purchase price
months 91% of the purchase price 20 months 47% of the purchase price
months 88% of the purchase price 21 months 43% of the purchase price
10 months 85% of the purchase price 22 months 39% of the purchase price
11 months 82% of the purchase price 23 months 35% of the purchase price
12 months 79% of the purchase price 24 months 31% ostuhinnast