Additional Warranty on Devices Insurance

The partners of Salva Kindlustus who sell the additional warranty on devices insurance are exhibition shops and internet stores of iDeal and Valge Klaar.

The additional warranty on devices insurance is offered for devices sold by iDeal and Valge Klaar (computer, laptop, tablet, photo camera, video camera, etc.) and their accessories.

The additional warranty insured event is damage or destruction of the insured item caused by a manufacturing defect which happened during the insurance period. A manufacturing defect is damage of a device which is discovered during the insurance period in the course of a usual use of the item and which was not caused by an external factor, such as, for example, dropping of the item. See the terms and conditions in more detail here

You can buy the additional warranty on devices insurance offered by Salva Kindlustus in iDeal and Valge Klaar shops by telling the shop staff member of such wish. The insurance premium must be paid in one part, and it is added to the invoice on the purchased product. 

The insured event does not include damage that was caused by the following:

  • damage caused by an external factor (dropping of the item or pouring water over it);
  • - exceedance of the work cycle stated in the manufacturer’s instructions, etc.;
  • - damage resulting from use of the item not in accordance with its designated use$
  • - aesthetical damage or scratching of the item;
  • - damage that existed before the start of the insurance cover;
  • - damage resulting from wear, corrosion, etc;
  • - damage resulting from testing of the item or use of the item not in accordance with its designated use;
  • - damage for which the producer or vendor of the item is liable;
  • - change of the serial number or IMEI, for example its removal or making it unidentifiable.

The following is not subject to compensation:

  • costs related to technical maintenance of the insured item and cost of parts of the insured item that were replaced during technical maintenance;
  • - indirect costs, for example, claims of third persons against the policyholder;
  • - loss of profit;
  • - penalty;
  • - data and programs saved on the device.

In case of damage you must immediately contact Salva Kindlustuse AS, or the shop of the seller of the device.

Standard terms and damage statement:

Fact sheet: