Insurance of apartment house building

Insurance of apartment house building compensates the losses incurred to parts of the building that are under common ownership of the residents and helps to quickly restore the normal living environment. Building envelope can be insured against various risks, e.g. storm, flood, theft, fire, equipment breakdown and pipe leak. Cover encompasses parts of the building that are under common ownership, including external walls, roof, and electrical, heating and safety systems.

In addition, you can purchase liability insurance cover against third party claims.

Why Salva?

  • Wide choice of channels for purchasing insurance cover. You can conclude the contract or ask for an offer from any sales facility across Estonia or through internet
  • Several benefits. You can get 10% off the price, if you conclude the contract through internet. See for details
  • Quick and professional loss adjustment. Salva’s experienced consultants and quick loss adjustment process ensure the smooth restoration of building’s former condition.
  • Insurance for all parts of a building that are under common ownership. Insurance covers all jointly owned details of a building that are necessary for maintaining the house or guaranteeing its safety or are meant for common use. E.g. it encompasses external walls, windows, roof, basement, ceilings and inner decoration of public spaces. See for details here.
  • Protection is also provided for heating and water supply systems. Insurance covers besides the building also permanently installed public heating, electricity, ventilation, water supply, sewerage, and fire protection and security systems.
  • Insurance does not require the existence of an apartment association. Insurance does not require the existence of an apartment association and insurance cover can also be purchased by the company that manages the house, jointly by all apartment owners or by an authorised representative.
  • Insurance compensates the losses of structures that belong to the building. These structures include e.g. fence, barrier, gate, waste disposal facility, external lighting system. The full list is provided here.
  • Comprehensive insurance cover. Building envelope can be insured against all widespread risks, e.g. fire, pipe and equipment leak, storm, flood, theft and vandalism. See terms and conditions here.
  • Possibility to choose additional covers.
    • Equipment breakdown cover compensates the losses caused by equipment failure or internal malfunction.
    • Extended insurance covers many different losses that the selected risk insurance does not cover. E.g. it encompasses repair costs of a broken water pipe (within the plot) and overvoltage damage caused to utility systems.

For example: piping of an apartment house burst. Salva compensated besides occurred water loss also repair costs of piping and digging costs because the pipe was located within the plot. This apartment house had the extended insurance cover.

  • Option of supplementary protection. Besides insuring the building envelope you can also insure the liability for losses caused to others, ask for the offer. Also, you can purchase an insurance of construction works, see for details here.