Salva Autoabi (Salva Car Help) is exclusively offered to Salva Kindlustus (Salva Insurance) clients in order to help in case of accidents and unexpected breakdowns with passenger cars or minivans. Salva Autoabi service is accessible 24 hours by calling 684 4444.

Salva Autoabi service is automatically available to all Salva Kindlustus clients with valid voluntary or compulsory motor vehicle insurance policies which cover passenger cars and minivans (with registered weight up to 3500 kg). This includes policies commencing from now on and all effective policies commenced at an earlier date. Voluntary insurance clients who received an EAK card including free services with their previous policy are also automatically able to use a much wider range of Autoabi services.

Free for voluntary insurance client:

Consultation with Salva Autoabi in case of a motor vehicle accident by calling 684 4444

Accident inspection and documentation at the location of the accident

Consultation with Salva Autoabi in case of an unexpected breakdown by calling 6844444

Car roadside assistance if unexpected breakdown occurs

Up to 30 minutes of repairs by technician at the location of the breakdown

Towing service according to the insurance policy conditions.

Identifying the exact accident location, involved partys statements, financial loss and the damage of cars involved in the accident helps with smooth claims handling. Salva Autoabi can give 24 hours expert advice how to fill out primary accident forms over the phone or can come to the location upon clients request to carry out all necessary proceedings.

At the location of the accident Autoabi helps to fill out the Accident Reporting Form, takes photos of the location, cars involved and damage to involved cars, takes statements from those involved in the accident and copies their documents, does everything else necessary in accident reporting and includes all materials to an accident file which will be forwarded to Salva Kahjukäsitluse OÜ (Salva Claims Handling). If Salvas client is the victim in the accident then the accident file will be forwarded to the offenders insurance.

Car roadside assistance is available in all breakdown cases which prevent driving or when driving is not permitted and are repairable at the location of the breakdown. For example eligible are problems with tyres, lights, alarm, battery or starter, also problems with cooling-, fuel- or electrical system if they can be repaired on spot.

If unexpected technical problems occur and you are covered by Salva voluntary insurance then Salva Autoabi will give professional advice over the phone 24 hours and sends out car roadside assistance team if needed. If towing service is needed then Salvas client will receive a 10% discount by ordering it through Salva Autoabi.

Free car roadside assistance excludes problems arisen from fire, robbery, stealing or vandalism. Also excluded is the repairing of problems due to car racing or training for races. Spare parts, fuel, cost of phone calls and parking fees are also not refunded.

Salva Autoabi is available 24 hours by calling 684 4444 and serviceable area is the public roads of mainland of the Republic of Estonia, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and Muhu.