Casco insurance

Land vehicle insurance helps to quickly restore the normal life after traffic or other accidents as well as protects against expensive costs. It covers most common losses that may happen with a vehicle, including traffic accident, glass damage, storm and theft. It compensates the losses even if the policyholder himself/herself is responsible for the loss or the faulty person cannot be identified.

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Why Salva?

Wide choice of channels for purchasing insurance cover. You can conclude the contract and ask for an offer in any sales facility across Estonia and through Internet.

Several benefits. You can get 10% off the price if you conclude the contract through e-channel and multi-year contract ensures a more favourable insurance premium.

Quick loss adjustment and free Autoabi (roadside assistance). Loss adjustment process is quick and flexible; in case of traffic accidents, Salva Autoabi assists you free of charge across Europe. The phone number of Autoabi is 684 4444.

Cover for various vehicle losses. In addition to traffic accidents, driving off the road or collision with an animal, the cover is provided for expenses related to storm, fire or theft. Also, in case of stolen or destroyed vehicles, land vehicles insurance covers the market value of a vehicle. See for insurance terms and conditions here.

Targeted insurance cover. You can choose between super-casco, partial kasko and mini-casco, and you can also select several additional risks. See for details here.

  • Super-casco ensures the highest level of insurance cover.
  • Partial casco provides cover against main risks such as motor accident, fire, storm or vandalism, but does not protect against the risk of car theft.
  • Mini-casco provides the possibility to select various risks.

There is no retention (deductible) for glass damage if the respective choice has been made during the purchase of insurance policy. Also, there is no retention for the collision with animals. See for details here.

Limit for travel interruption costs is based on your needs. Super-casco and partial casco include the compensation of travel interruption costs. Policyholder can choose the indemnification limit. See for terms and conditions here.

For example: a family having a vacation in Italy cannot continue the trip because their car is damaged due to a traffic accident. Salva compensates the following: towing costs for the car to the nearest storage space and travel costs for people back to Estonia.

Cover is provided in many countries. Salva’s land vehicles insurance is valid in Green Card countries, including Ukraine, Belorussia and Turkey.

Cover encompasses roof boxes and racks as well as interior fittings. Besides the vehicle, land vehicle insurance covers also safety cradles and seats inside the vehicle as well as installed roof boxes, roof racks and bicycle racks.

Free additional cover for new cars. Salva provides a cover for new cars (without additional charge) that ensures the compensation of first-hand selling price in case of theft or total loss.


What is the phone number of Salva Autoabi and when can I make a call?

The phone number of Salva Autoabi (roadside assistance) is 684 4444 and you can make a call 24/7. This service is provided free of charge to any person who has purchased a motor TPL insurance policy from Salva. See for additional details about Salva Autoabi here.

What is the cost of land vehicles insurance?

Price depends on the needs and wishes of the car owner, i.e. on the extent of desirable insurance cover. You can calculate the price of Salva’s land vehicles insurance on Internet and you can get 10% off the regular price when you purchase the policy thought this channel.

Which amount is stated in insurance contract as the sum insured?

Sum insured is the normal price of a vehicle. That means that vehicles are insured to the extent of their market price. In case of new vehicles, the sum insured is the first-hand selling price of a vehicle.

Can I pay the premium in instalments?

You can pay the premium on 1, 2, 4 or 12 instalments and the number of instalments does not affect the amount of insurance premium.

How can I conclude the contract of land vehicles insurance?

You can ask for an offer from any suitable sales facility of Salva or through Salva online-shop. If the offer is acceptable, our sales expert performs the inspection of the vehicle or the client sends the photos of the vehicle taken in accordance with the photo-shooting guide. S/he draws up the contract, provides you with insurance terms and conditions and tells you what to do in case of insured events. The client can pay the premium either in cash or by bank transfer.

What should I do when contractual data is changed (name, address, accessories, safety equipment, etc)?

You must notify Salva Kindlustus of all changes in writing in 5 business days. Contact data is provided here.

What should I do if I want to terminate the contract?

Policyholder is entitled to terminate the contract at any moment, irrespective of the cause, by submitting a written application to the Insurer. Application must specify the last day of validity of the contract – this date cannot be earlier than the date of delivery of the application to the Insurer. In this case the insurance contract is considered terminated on the date specified in the application.

When is the deductible (retention) not applied?

Deductible (retention) is not applied for glass damages, if this risk has been selected during the conclusion of insurance contract. Also, the deductible (retention) is not applied for losses caused by collision with an animal (excluding losses caused by avoiding the collision with an animal). Deductible (retention) is also not applied for costs related to the indemnification of travel interruption expenses, stolen, lost, destroyed or damaged car keys or remote controls. In addition, the deductible (retention) is not applied for costs related to the acquisition of new driving license, if the driver specified on the registration certificate has lost his/her driving license. See for terms and conditions here.

What is the indemnification limit in case of travel interruption costs?

The maximum limit of insurance cover for travel interruption costs is chosen during the purchase of insurance policy and it may reach up to 2,000 euro. In case of an accident, the compensation is provided for towing costs of the vehicle to the nearest safe parking space and reasonable travel costs of passengers to home. See for details here.

What is the daily allowance for interruption of use?

In case of Salva’s land vehicles insurance policy, the client can choose a daily allowance for the interruption of use. This allowance is paid for days when the insured vehicle is repaired or inoperable due to the occurrence of insured event. Insurer pays 32 euro per day for a single insured event, up to a maximum of 21 days. You can use this money for renting another vehicle, paying for taxi service, paying the deductible (retention) or for any other suitable purpose.