Bicycle insurance

Bicycle insurance or bicycle kasko insurance provides all-risk insurance cover for all of the most common damages that may happen to a bicycle, including falling down with a bike and theft of a bike.

Insurance cover can be purchased for both new and used mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes and electric bikes.

Bicycle insurance cover is worldwide.

Salva jalgrattakindlustus

Why Salva?

Wide choice of communication channels. You can conclude the contract in any sales facility across Estonia, just choose the nearest representative office or ask for an offer through Internet.

Fast and professional loss adjustment. Professional loss adjusters handle bicycle losses. As a result, an indemnification is paid or a repair is organised, depending on the loss event.

Broad insurance cover. Bicycle insurance covers various risks, e.g. theft, robbery, sudden damage. Insurance cover also includes damages (except for aesthetic damage, wear, etc.) incurred during the use of a bicycle (e.g. in case of a fall or a collision). See for detailed insurance terms and conditions here.

Flexible deductible (retention). Deductible (retention) for bicycle insurance is 10% of the sum insured. Client can choose the sum insured for the policy and it depends on the market value of the bicycle.

Example: Sum insured of a bicycle is 450 EUR. Deductible (retention) in case of a loss event is 45 EUR.

Insurance can be purchased for both new and used bicycles. Age of a bicycle is not a decisive factor when concluding an insurance contract. The conclusion of an insurance contract requires the existence of a bicycle frame number – i.e. the VIN or NanoID.


Why should I conclude a bicycle insurance contract if my bike is already insured as household property outside the home (home insurance policy)?

Bicycle insurance is comparable the land vehicles insurance (kasko) – cover is provided for all the main losses that can happen to a bicycle. Unlike home insurance, the bicycle insurance cover is also provided to losses incurred during the use of a bicycle (e.g. in case of a collision or a fall, etc.). Indemnification limit for household property in case of loss events occurred outside of home is 1,000 EUR, the sum insured of a bicycle insurance can be significantly higher (subject to the value of the bicycle). The deductible (retention) of bicycle insurance is dependent on the sum insured and may therefore be less than the deductible provided by home insurance contract. See for detailed home insurance terms and conditions here and bicycle insurance terms and conditions here.


Does the bicycle insurance cover also apply to participation in competitions?

Yes, bicycle insurance is valid in the whole world during the period of insurance and competitions are not excluded.

Can several bicycles be covered by a single policy?

Yes, a single policy can include multiple bicycles. Separate sum insured and deductible (retention) is determined for each bicycle.

How long can the period of insurance be in case of bicycle insurance?

Period of insurance for bicycle insurance is always 1 year.

Can the insurance premium be paid in instalments?

Insurance premium can be paid in 1, 2, 4 or 12 instalments and it does not change the total amount of insurance premium.

What is a suitable sum to insure a bicycle?

The sum insured must be determined on the basis of the cost of the bicycle, which is as close as possible to the real market price. The sum insured can be between EUR 250 and EUR 3000.