Bicycle insurance

Bicycle insurance or bicycle kasko insurance provides all-risk insurance cover for all of the most common damages that may happen to a bicycle, including falling down with a bike and theft of a bike.

Insurance cover can be purchased for both new and used mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes and electric bikes.

Bicycle insurance cover is worldwide.

Why Salva?

  • Wide choice of communication channels. You can conclude the contract in any sales facility across Estonia, just choose the nearest representative office or ask for an offer through Internet.
  • Fast and professional loss adjustment. Professional loss adjusters handle bicycle losses. As a result, an indemnification is paid or a repair is organised, depending on the loss event.

  • Broad insurance cover. Bicycle insurance covers various risks, e.g. theft, robbery, sudden damage. Insurance cover also includes damages (except for aesthetic damage, wear, etc.) incurred during the use of a bicycle (e.g. in case of a fall or a collision). See for detailed insurance terms and conditions here.

  • Flexible deductible (retention). Deductible (retention) for bicycle insurance is 10% of the sum insured. Client can choose the sum insured for the policy and it depends on the market value of the bicycle.

Example: Sum insured of a bicycle is 450 EUR. Deductible (retention) in case of a loss event is 45 EUR.

  • Insurance can be purchased for both new and used bicycles. Age of a bicycle is not a decisive factor when concluding an insurance contract. The conclusion of an insurance contract requires the existence of a bicycle frame number – i.e. the VIN or NanoID.