Salva Kindlustus AS is an Estonian-owned insurance company established in 1993. In more than twenty five years of operation it has become one of the leading insurance companies providing full services in Estonia. We offer all the most common non-life insurance products to private and business clients via our 18 representative offices and sales facilities across Estonia and the state-of-art e-channel

Motor TPL insurance is a mandatory insurance class that indemnifies the victim for losses caused by the person who is responsible for the traffic accident. Losses can vary in size and nature from minor scratches and dents to personal injuries. All vehicles registered in Estonia must be covered by motor TPL insurance contracts. In order to participate in traffic with your vehicle, you have to have a motor TPL insurance policy. See for details here.

Travel insurance protects against unexpected expenses in case of accidents and other problems and ensures a carefree holiday or business travel. It covers various expenses, such as the cost of medicinal products in case of an accident or illness and expenses related to returning home. In addition, it is possible to choose an insurance coverage against several other unexpected and unpleasant problems, such as a trip cancellation, flight delays, loss of luggage or costs resulting from airline bankruptcy. See for details here.

Casco insurance helps to quickly restore the normal life after traffic or other accidents as well as protects against expensive costs. It covers most common losses that may happen with a vehicle, including traffic accident, glass damage, storm and theft. Land vehicle insurance indemnifies the losses pursuant to insurance terms and conditions, irrespective of the person at fault. See for details here.

Home insurance compensates the losses arising from accidents and helps to quickly restore the home in its pre-accident condition. Insurance covers all home-related widespread risks, e.g. theft, fire, storm, flood, etc. A home can be insured against selected specific risks or covered by all risks insurance that encompasses several different losses. You can also choose a liability insurance against third party claims and purchase a cover for household property. See for details here.

Accident insurance compensates the expenses that arise from a sudden accident and are related to temporary injury or incapacity for work, permanent disability or even death. Insurance can be purchased for both a child and an adult. It provides the insured person and its relatives with financial safety in case of an accident. See for details here.

Insuring of corporate property. There are various ways for insuring the property of a company: a general corporate property insurance contract covers buildings, inventory, equipment and goods; a corporate equipment and machinery insurance contract covers non-road mobile machinery, as well as trailers and supplementary equipment of such machinery; an insurance contract can also cover small electronics or losses arising from construction works. See for details here.