Forward photos of the vehicle

The following photos of the vehicle must be forwarded:

  • A diagonal view from each corner of the vehicle. Each view must display the entire vehicle and must show its license plate being legible.
  • A close-up of the vehicle’s windscreen. In case of unfavourable lighting or shadows on the picture, a photo of the entire windscreen must be made from inside the salon looking out.
  • A photo of the vehicle’s central console. The photo must be made from between the vehicle’s front seats, so that the photo includes the audio system, the dashboard and the gear shifter.
  • A photo of the vehicle’s full factory number (VIN number).

In addition to the foregoing:

  • If the vehicle has any accessories not installed at the manufacturer’s plant or in a workshop authorised by the manufacturer (for example, additional lights, bumpers, spoilers, advertising or other stickers, audio/video or DVD equipment) then photos of the listed accessories must be sent.
  • If the vehicle has any damage on its body, parts of its body, windows or accessories then a photo of the existing damage must be sent.

If the vehicle cannot be photographed pursuant to the photographing instructions then it may be given to inspection and photographing at a representation of Salva Kindlustus suitable for you; you can find the relevant contact data here.

You can see the photographing instructions for motor vehicles here.

The insurance contract can enter into force after showing the vehicle or after sending photos made pursuant to the photographing instructions to Salva Kindlustus. Salva Kindlustus will issue an insurance policy as a confirmation of signing the contract.
Files must be less than 40 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx ppt pptx mov mp3.


The insurance provider shall indemnify neither the costs related to photographing the motor vehicle nor any other additional costs.

An employee of the insurance provider shall review the photos at the earliest opportunity but not later than within 1 work day. After the photos are reviewed and accepted, Salva Kindlustus shall issue a policy proving the signing of the insurance contract.