Vision, mission, values


  • To be the symbol of a good insurance company for our clients.


  • We are a constantly developing insurance company that provides trustworthy client service to all clients and partners trough the professional experience, proper administration and client-friendly attitudes of its dedicated workers.


  • Strong bilateral client relationships

Our offices are easy and simple to contact with all around Estonia, on the Internet homepage or by telephone. We consider each client special, whereas the contacts between us and our clients are always aimed at reaching mutually fulfilling results. The trust of our clients is our greatest value of all.

  • Motivating work environment

Our employees can enjoy a contemporary and innovative work environment that on one hand contributes to creation of team spirit which is essential for achieving of good work results, and on the other considers the needs of each individual. We continuously improve our knowledge base, as well as value education and professional self-actualisation. We consider the input of each individual worker on the scale of achieving our overall objectives.

  • High-quality trustworthy services

We ensure the quality of our insurance services relying on our extensive experience, proper administration practices and good reaction time. We pay extra attention to risk management and continuous improvement of our services. We remain open-minded and objective in all situations without ever sacrificing quality to quantity. Our clients can always rely on us.